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2018 Call Center Outsourcing

Staying competitive in this global market is challenging. Customers have many options; so it is important to provide superior customer service to keep your existing customers and grow your business. Traditionally, brick and mortar call centers were the only option for companies. This is no longer the case. Technology exists that allows virtual call centers around the globe; a new way of handling customer service that does not sacrifice quality. In fact, it is quite efficient and cost effective for an organization to outsource their call center functions.

Call center outsourcing is widespread and makes great business sense. It will improve your bottom line cost, and your organization will not have to sacrifice quality. When customers call in, they want to get a representative fast, and they want their problem resolved quickly, or perhaps they want to purchase a product or service.

When you operate a traditional call center, the costs of equipment, the cost of recruiting and retention, and ever changing technology makes it quite an ordeal to manage a call center. Call center outsourcing from ARC Pointe can alleviate these burdens. Many call centers tend to have high turnover, and turnover results in loss in profits, since another employee must be hired and trained and this adds to the bottom line.

Our organization, ARC Pointe Call Centers manages your call center services. Our services are primarily nearshore (Dominican Republic, Panama) but we do have a Philippine and Romanian operation. Our U.S. quality representatives ensure that your customers can still receive the customer service they expect and deserve.

Call center outsourcing is a major focus in the business world, and if you want to reduce labor cost and reduce your bottom line, ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions is the best choice.

Our company hires the most highly qualified staff that will provide quality customer service. Our proven system of training and QA prepares the agents for dealing with all types of calls, so your customers will have a positive customer service experience. A customer’s experience with customer service will greatly impact if they will continue to do business with your organization.

Our organization has Quality Assurance measures in place to continually make sure that we are providing only the best customer service.

ARC Pointe Call Center Outsourcing removes the burden of a traditional call center from your organization; this results in more time to focus on growing your business. Maintaining high quality customer service while decreasing labor costs makes perfect sense to take your company to the next level and remain competitive in this global marketplace.

Your competition is probably using some type of outsourcing; don’t get left behind. ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions is the right choice for your business.

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