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ARC Pointe utilizes a rigorous recruiting process for all employees. The first interview is by phone where applicants are initially judged on communication skills, phone presence and if he or she meets the basic requirements for the specific position. If successful the applicant will be asked to come in for a face-to-face interview, during which the following is tested:


  • Vocal and written grammar skills
  • Sales and customer service skills
  • Internet proficiency and basic computer skills
  • Typing and spelling


Interpersonal skills and personality traits such as friendliness and professionalism applicants are also evaluated on behavioral tendencies within various situations. For example, candidates may be measured by their ability to work on a team and/or individually, how well they can deal with problems or issues, how well they can manage emotions during stressful periods and their ability to take initiative in certain situations.


For our chat and email agents, ARC Pointe looks for strong written communication skills and technological adaptability through additional testing and job shadowing.


If an applicant is successful in all interview stages, reference checks are made before the position is offered.


Motivation and Retention

ARC Pointe Virtual Call Center understands the value of content employees, especially within the contact center industry where it is crucial to keep good agents and managers. Through a supportive culture and career paths, along with numerous motivational programs, employees are provided with a variety of incentives and opportunities for growth that keep them looking forward to working with us.


Our strong record of retention is a result of competitive compensation, monthly paid bonuses, friendly contests, employee recognition and team building events. Additionally, ARC Pointe believes in promoting from within the company and providing a career path and opportunities for advancement to all staff. Keeping our frontline staff happy in their work environment translates into better customer service for your customers, which is why we pride ourselves on having strong employee retention and low turnover rates.

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