Call Center New York

Now call centers in New York can look to ARC Pointe Virtual Call Center Solutions for help with spikes in daily call volume, seasonal call fluctuations, as a means to offer additional language support and even as a backup in a disaster recovery plan.

With most companies feeling the pressure to reduce costs while still maintaining quality service to their valued customer, ARC Pointe can be the solution you are looking for.

We can provide you with solutions that will help you lower your costs and still give you the quality and results you need to meet your goals.

As a New York business owner, you must strike a fine balance between providing superior customer service to your valued customers and reducing operating costs.

Outsourcing your multilingual customer service needs to a outsourced call center is one way that you can accomplish both goals.

Outsourcing your support needs is beneficial to you, your employees and your customers. Call center New York can also enjoy these benefits.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

By contracting with a multilingual customer service call center, you automatically increase customer satisfaction.

Customers are more at ease with agents who speak the same language and understand their culture.

This commonality builds instant rapport and a sense of trust between your customer and the agent handling the call.

When a customer feels understood, they experience a higher sense of satisfaction with the resolution offered by your agent.


Skyrocketing Productivity

When you assign a handful of tasks to one employee, that employee will not produce the results you desire. Studies in human psychology have shown that the mind is not able to concentrate on more than one task at a time.

By outsourcing your customer support needs to a call center, you untie the hands of your in-house employees by allowing them to concentrate on the job that they were hired to do.


24-hour Service

It costs money to hire employees to provide customer service around the clock.

By outsourcing to a call center, you ensure that your employees have access to service no matter the time of day.

This is important if you hope to provide superior customer service to each customer.

Every customer does not live in your region, nor do they keep your same schedule.

By offering service 24 hours per day, you can expand your current customer base.


Choice of Contact

Your customers have unique preferences.

While one customer may prefer to call in to your customer service center, another may prefer to send an email.

Other customers may prefer to partake in a live chat with customer service agents.

When you outsource to a call center, your customers will immediately have a choice of contact solutions.

The choice that you provide your customers will allow you to stand out among your competition as the business that provides exceptional customer service.


Expanding Operations

When you outsource to a multilingual call center, you can welcome customers from all over the world. By utilizing customer service agents who speak multiple languages, you are better able to service customers from across the country and around the world. When your agents are able to speak to and interact with customers in the customers’ own language, your business will grow exponentially.

It’s probably best not to attempt to handle customer service support by utilizing your current employees. Your employees were hired for specific jobs; they have enough to do. Instead, outsource your customer service needs to an experienced call center. The agents who staff these call centers are professionals trained in the art of superior customer support; it’s what they do. You, your employees and your customers deserve nothing less.