Call Center Texas

Call Center Texas

If you have call centers in Texas, whether they’re in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or any other location and are struggling with spikes in daily call volume or seasonal call fluctuations, ARC Pointe can be the solution you are looking for.

We can even help you with additional language support and even as a backup in a disaster recovery plan.

We truly partner with you to make the integration seamless with ARC Pointe Implementation Managers doing all of the planning and legwork.

Business owners run their companies with a close eye to detail.

Not only do owners want to provide superior customer service, but also they want to do so in the most financially effective means as possible.

By allowing a nearshore multilingual call center to handle your business’ customer support needs, you can do both.

Call centers in Texas can also enjoy then benefits of a multilingual call center, allowing them to reach more customers while maintaining low operating costs.

Here are just a few of the benefits that both call centers in Texas and business owners in Texas can realize:


Customer Satisfaction

Customer service surveys have shown that customers feel an increased sense of satisfaction when they are able to speak to agents who speak the same language.

Bilingual agents are able to connect with your customers in a way that the average agent is not.

Misunderstandings due to language barriers are immediately eradicated when you choose to utilize bilingual agents.


Customer Retention

Customers who are satisfied with the service they receive will remain loyal to your company, no matter the problem that has been encountered.

By offering exceptional customer service, your call center partner will ensure that the greatest percentage of customers keep coming back to your company.

Increased customer retention results in higher profits for your company and less for your competitors.


Customer Growth

No business owner dreams of remaining stagnant.

By outsourcing to a customer service call center for your support needs, you grow your company with very little effort on your part.

Happy customers talk about their experience, attracting new customers even if you spend nothing on marketing and promotion.

Not only will you expand due to superior customer service, but also agents who speak multiple languages can interact with customers around the globe.


Customer Choice

When you contract with a call center, you have a choice of contact options.

Your customers can call, email and chat with agents who staff the support center.

This amounts to higher customer satisfaction overall.

Consider the customer who prefers to chat with a live agent; if you do not provide that service, your customer will leave your company for one that does.

By offering multiple choices of contact, you are better able to retain current customers and attract new ones.


Employee Productivity

By forcing your employees to handle customer service queries, you are removing them from the jobs the employees were hired to do.

By outsourcing to a call center, you allow your employees to stay on task until a project is complete.

This ability to work on a single project boosts employee productivity and, in turn, your bottom-line.

It is actually more costly, long-term, to require one employee to perform multiple tasks, especially those that are out of the employee’s job description.

There are multiple benefits to you, your customers and your employees when you outsource your customer support needs to a call center.

Not only is outsourcing more cost-effective, but it is the best way to serve your current and potential customers.

If you hope to grow your business and find success, leave customer support to the profession