Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery Shopping Services – A new customer’s first contact is still most frequently by telephone.

Ensuring the quality of interaction in this initial encounter is very important.

Front line employees should be empathetic, listen and ask key questions.

If you’re looking to gain insight and knowledge of your customers’ experience and are serious about their satisfaction levels then a mystery shopper is an affordable solution to measuring what your clients’ experience.

A telephone mystery shop program can be used to ensure your company provides appropriate levels of service.

Mystery Shopper Service

A mystery shopper service can provide actionable intelligence to dramatically increase customer loyalty and retention.

The person answering the phone is the front line of any company’s reputation, and everything they communicate directly impacts the decisions of someone choosing to do business with them or a competitor.

ARC Pointe Call Centers offers a powerful and quantifiable solution to analyze the real-life impressions being left on callers by using proven methods of determining the level of customer service being offered from your call center.

We then follow up with the necessary actions to improve experiences of all types of callers in a wide array of situations.

ARC Pointe’s telephone mystery shopping service lets you track and fully analyze your customers entire experience that gives your management team an up close and accurate picture of how your internal systems and employees are impacting your bottom line revenue.

From mystery shopping services for hotels, healthcare, to retail services, ARC Pointe has what it takes to make noticeable improvements to your clients buying experience.


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