High Performance Solutions

ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions provides high quality nearshore contact center solutions to clients in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

From help desk support, outsourced customer care support, customer acquisition and customer retention, we can improve your effectiveness and efficiency.

Partnering with ARC Pointe take your business to the next level of performance.

Our contact center solutions are powered by our highly trained and motivated workforce, our state-of-the-art technologies and our unique network of nearshore and offshore contact centers.

By leveraging our contact center capabilities, we can help you:

Grow your customer base and expand to new markets

With ARC Pointe, our highly motivated and certified customer acquisition teams can grow your customer base and help you to expand to other markets.

Whether working in an inbound or outbound environment, our customer acquisition specialists use advanced call script and CRM technology to take full advantage of each contact.

ARC Pointe customer acquisition solutions include:

Resolve technical support issues – and keep customers loyal

ARC Pointe offers both Level 1 and Level 2 help desk/technical support for businesses with products/services to support.

APcallcenters Level 1 technical support specialists typically resolve 60 to 70% of the technical support requests that they receive during the 1st call, while our Level 2 specialists resolve a further 20 to 25% of their requests.

By incorporating online support tools such as live chat and email response, our help desk/technical support programs can address most support issues in a precise, timely and cost-effective manner.

Our help desk/technical support solutions include:
  • Installation support
  • User support
  • Troubleshooting

Drive more revenue from your customer base

With ARC Pointe’s “service driven sales” customer service model, we can drive more revenue from your customer base.

All of our customer care specialists pass a rigorous training program designed around customer service best practices.

We thoroughly train them in key skills such as rapport building and active listening; our specialists deliver the highest quality customer service available.

Moreover, they know exactly how, where and when to present customer-relevant up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

We can also design your customer care function so that your most valuable and important customers always receive priority, extended or higher-level service.

Our specific customer care solutions include:
  • Order processing
  • General and billing inquiries
  • Reservation processing
  • Warranty assistance
  • Product registration

Outbound programs thrive with our powerful call management systems

Outbound programs can drive a tremendous amount of revenue and customer awareness – but only if they are effectively targeted at the most responsive audiences.

ARC Pointe offers robust call management system capabilities and powerful analytic tools that quickly reveal the most responsive audiences for outbound programs, as well as the right time and manner to reach those audiences.

In the design phase, our call management systems help us develop unique, high-value call lists that combine client-sourced data (from sales, marketing and service channels) with third-party data (from list brokers and others).

In the execution phase, our call management systems provide real-time program performance data via easy-to-use web portals.

In the refinement phase, our systems support the most powerful suite of analytic tools in the contact center industry.

By improving and accelerating every phase of your outbound program, we can quickly guide you to the most responsive and valuable audiences for your outbound program.

Alternatively, if you’d like us to assume the business risk of your outbound program, our call management systems allow us to offer pay-for-performance pricing options whereby you pay only for new customers signed, sales realized or other tangible business results achieved.

Focus on growth – while we focus on execution

Growing a business today can be very difficult. Often, growth depends on delivering more value, in more combinations, more quickly, to more types of customers, than ever before.

By partnering with ARC Pointe, you can focus on these issues, while we focus on improving your contact center efficiency and reducing your contact center costs.