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    Dominican Republic Call Center – Big Benefits, Lower Costs

    If you’re unsure about outsourcing to a Dominican Republic Call Center, we have the information and expertise you need to help you make an educated decision. The Dominican Republic (DR) is a country that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti in the Caribbean. There are more than 10 million people residing in the DR, and many are highly educated with complete understanding of North American culture and business.


    You should consider outsourcing to a call center in Dominican Republic for the same reasons we found this country to be an excellent location for ARC Pointe:


    • The Dominican Republic continues to hold the title of the Caribbean’s call center champion, edging out rivals like Jamaica and earning continuing praise
    • The DR call center industry is the second largest in growth after tourism. It generates 40 percent of revenue for the overall DR economy
    • Dominican Republic call centers have created around 22,000 direct jobs. There are hopes that as many as 100,000 new jobs will be added in the next five years
    • The excellent cost structure of the Dominican Republic enables ARC Pointe clients to pay up to 50 percent less than they would pay for call center services in the U.S. without sacrificing quality and language diversity
    • The Dominican Republic boasts a highly efficient telecommunication infrastructure that is well equipped to handle the needs of busy call centers
    • We support our clients with both English and Spanish-speaking contact center representatives


    Our highly educated call center agents speak your language and understand your culture. 


    ARC Pointe’s selection of the Dominican Republic is not only due to the exceptional quality of the country’s English-speaking talent base, but also its cultural affinity for the U.S. and highly skilled, educated workforce.  The Dominican Republic is a short flight away from the eastern coast of America. Dominicans understand the culture and language of the U.S. because the DR culture shares many of the same values. The DR culture embraces family and values hard work.  The Santo Domingo and Santiago labor pools are buzzing with passionate professionals who understand the nuances and the importance of exceptional customer care.  You may find DR residents dancing the bachata and meringue in the evenings. Hiking the caves and waterfalls of Damajagua during the day. Or challenging gravity at the Magnetic Pole.


    While Spanish is the primary language in the DR, there are millions of fluent speakers for the following languages:



    ARC Pointe can quickly assimilate contact center talent as needed thanks to the language diversity of the Dominican Republic. We can confidently say that our DR call center representatives speak your language and understand the culture and expectations of your customers.  Our call center delivers the quality you demand at prices you might not expect.


    The old saying “you get what you pay for” is correct, but some Dominican Republic call center outsourcing locations deliver significantly more value for your money. At ARC Pointe, we pride ourselves on providing one of the most sophisticated, productive, and efficient call center environments.


    How do we ensure exceptional quality at our Dominican Republic Call Center, while keeping rates significantly lower than U.S. call centers?


    • We select our call center locations carefully. A robust economy with a highly skilled, hardworking field of professionals is critical. A call center in the Dominican Republic fits those requirements
    • We embrace diversity and reward exceptional performance. Our standards are high because we strive to overdeliver on every project
    • We employ call center professionals with experience, integrity, and a sincere desire to succeed in the workplace and in their personal lives


    The result is an affordable Dominican Republic call center outsourcing option for businesses in many professional fields. The Dominican Republic has talented professionals who understand your language, culture, and business market. We can find those professionals quickly when needed.  Exceptional customer service starts with staffing, and outsourcing makes it easy.


    Our Santo Domingo and Santiago call centers provide an excellent nearshore outsourcing option for superior service delivery. We deliver exceptional customer care for every client and can provide call center outsourcing in Dominican Republic for the following services:



    We look forward to customizing a call center in Dominican Republic that meets the unique needs of your business. Save money and time by contacting ARC Pointe for  call center outsourcing services today.