Dominican Republic Call Center

Our Dominican Republic Call Center location provides an excellent nearshore outsourcing option for superior service delivery.

From our Call Center in Santiago Dominican Republic, we support our clients with both English and Spanish-speaking contact center representatives.

ARC Pointe selected the Dominican Republic due to the country’s attractive cost structure, availability of fluent bilingual English-Spanish speakers and its affinity for American culture — enabling us to quickly assimilate contact center talent.

The Dominican Republic continues to hold the title of the Caribbean’s call center champion, edging out rivals like Jamaica and earning continuing praise.

The call center industry in Dominican Republic is the second largest in growth after tourism, generating 40 percent of revenue for the overall DR economy.

The call center industry has created around 22,000 direct jobs and there are hopes that as many as 100,000 new jobs will be added in the next five years.

Our Dominican Republic Contact Center has a cultural affinity with the U.S., is in close proximity and the telecommunication infrastructure is excellent.

One of the main features that our Santo Domingo Call Center counts on is the variety of languages available within the country.

Many in the Santiago area and Santo Domingo area have knowledge of Portuguese, French, English and Italian aside from Spanish.

We find this country to be an excellent location for ARC Pointe.

Not only the exceptional quality of the country’s English-speaking talent base, but also its cultural affinity for the U.S., and highly skilled, educated workforce.

ARC Pointe is by far the best fit for your outsourcing call center in Dominican Republic.