Since opening our doors in 2010, ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions has been owned and operated in the U.S.

We serve our clients in 4 regions globally and support 15+ languages.

We can find the best solution for your business and customers.

Understanding what type of service works best for your company, products, and customers is key to your business success.

ARC Pointe call centers solutions offer proven and reliable solutions, that combine the advantages of lower cost labor with the stateside strengths that for years have made ARC Pointe an industry leader in outsourced customer support, help desk support solutions and telemarketing services.

California | New York | Texas | Massachusetts

ARC Pointe’s Virtual Call Center Solution is a virtual employee-based model, built upon our many years of outsourced customer care experience with an extended recruiting footprint. The virtual model complements our traditional brick-and-mortar contact center model. It’s a scalable, flexible, and highly secure customer service model that accommodates the changing work environment focusing on optimizing the customer experience and delivering stronger brand integrity for our clients and their customers.

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The Dominican Republic continues to hold the title of the Caribbean’s call center champion, edging out rivals like Jamaica and earning continuing praise. The call center industry is the second largest in growth after tourism, generating 40 percent of revenue for the overall DR economy. The call center industry has created around 22,000 direct jobs and there are hopes that as many as 100,000 new jobs will be added in the next five years.

Our Dominican Republic Call Center has a cultural affinity with the U.S., is in close proximity and the telecommunication infrastructure is excellent.

One of the main features that our Dominican Republic Call Center counts on is the variety of languages available within the country. Many in the Santiago area have knowledge of Portuguese, French, English and Italian aside from Spanish.

We find the Dominican Republic to be an excellent location for ARC Pointe, not only the exceptional quality of the country’s English-speaking talent base, but also its cultural affinity for the U.S., and highly skilled, educated workforce.

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Truly Nearshore – Panama City is a little over two hours from Miami. This means that our U.S. clients can easily visit without needing to spend a lot of time and money traveling here, as with India and Philippine locations. Panama City is well served by American, Continental, Delta and Spirit Airlines.

ARC Pointe’s Panama Call Center is in the central time zone. This is a clear benefit when traveling there, since there is no need to “lose a day” to get there because of different time zones. This is even more important when considering daily communication with the contact center. Our Panama Call Center management team is invariably available during U.S. working hours.

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ARC Pointe has delivered world-class offshore customer management solutions to clients from a wide variety of verticals in the Philippines.

Our business strategy includes building long-term client relationships, capitalizing on our expert response team in the Philippines and leveraging our depth of relevant experience from Filipino talents. We continue to develop our offshore delivery model, expanding with new locations in the established Philippines market.

Considering its strategic location, unique edge as an English-speaking country, infrastructure, and the cost of doing business in the Philippines is surprisingly low, positioning the country in the hotspot of contact center offshoring.

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ARC Pointe provides bilingual contact center outsourcing services in Nicaragua to companies focused on consumers and business support.

Our business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions support omnichannel solutions to support the customer care experience: acquisition, retention and extending customer loyalty.

ARC Pointe’s Nicaragua contact center employees are bilingual, have strong English skills, an affinity for U.S. culture, and superior rankings in first call resolution and customer satisfaction. More than 65% of the Nicaraguan labor pool have lived in the U.S. or Canada, or received their education there.

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