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Nearshore Call Centers: The Smarter Choice for US Businesses



Tired of the challenges of traditional offshore outsourcing? Nearshore call centers offer a closer, more efficient solution for businesses seeking cost savings, cultural alignment, and improved customer service.


For the past dozen years, ARC Pointe has been a leader in nearshore call center solutions, operating from the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) region. Choosing a nearshore call center offers several advantages over traditional offshore options:


Closer Time Zones: Nearshore locations ensure minimal time zone gaps, facilitating smoother communication and real-time collaboration with your team.


Cultural Alignment: Sharing similar cultural backgrounds fosters better understanding of customer needs and expectations, leading to more effective interactions.


Reduced Language Barriers: Nearshore call centers prioritize recruiting agents with strong English language skills, ensuring clear and accurate communication with your customers.


Cost Savings: Compared to US-based call centers, nearshore options offer significant cost reductions while maintaining high-quality service.


Improved Customer Satisfaction: Nearshore centers can provide extended support hours due to overlapping time zones, leading to happier and more satisfied customers.


Already familiar with offshore outsourcing?

Nearshoring offers a closer alternative. Companies are increasingly choosing nearshore call centers located in geographically and culturally aligned countries near the U.S., for example the Dominican Republic. This eliminates the challenges of distance and language barriers often associated with traditional offshore outsourcing.


American companies interested in outsourcing services to more affordable countries look for call center services that can offer the following:


  • Short flight from major U.S. airports to the call center
  • Ready supply of talented, bilingual workers
  • Lower costs
  • Understanding of North American culture and values


Nearshore Call Centers Located in CALA

Many Caribbean and Latin American countries are less than a six-hour flight from the eastern coast of the United States. They’re also heavily populated with highly educated, culturally diverse workers who speak English, Spanish and many other languages fluently.


Nearshore Call Center Benefits

Nearshore call center solutions are in high demand today, and for many good reasons.

The nearshore region boasts all of the following:


  • Quality labor pool
  • Strong cultural affinity to the U.S.
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Excellent telecommunications infrastructure


These are the primary reasons we believe the nearshore call center region is the best option. Companies founded in the United States can use nearshore call center services to improve the overall quality and speed of services while cutting costs.


ARC Pointe is proud to play an integral role in the development of professional nearshore call center solutions. We also offer call centers capable of delivering language support in all of the following plus more:


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Dutch


We make working with a nearshore call center fast, efficient, and easy. The CALA region allows us to quickly assemble teams of well-trained professionals to complete a variety of tasks from customer care and technical assistance to telemarketing and other business processing.


Why ARC Pointe Nearshore Call Center Solutions?

The call center outsourcing industry is replete with companies who claim they are the best in the business and have the highest quality standards.  So, what really makes a contact center stand out?  Our unique culture and approach to the nearshore call center market resonates with our current clients. Which in turn, allows us to build long-term relationships.




ARC Pointe delivers success through proven expertise, innovative solutions, and unwavering client focus. We pride ourselves on open communication and consistent execution, ensuring your nearshore outsourcing goals are met. We take the time to understand your needs and leverage our resources to achieve your deadlines and milestones, exceeding your expectations.


U.S.-Owned and Operated Company

There are many nearshore call center services that can provide options priced lower than U.S. call centers with reduced agent turnover. What sets ARC Pointe ahead of the rest is a long history of proven results.  We do more than talk. We deliver proven & reliable nearshore call center solutions.


 ARC Pointe Call Centers


Streamline your operations with ARC Pointe, a U.S.-owned and operated BPO leader. We bring you proven, reliable solutions for diverse industries, combining the benefits of cost efficiency with superior service.