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Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA)

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What is a Virtual Medical Assistant?


Also known as a VMA, a virtual medical assistant provides administrative and clerical support for medical professionals.  While they can’t draw blood or provide direct care to patients, they can take care of tasks that allow medical providers to focus more directly on patient care.  With the assistance of our VMAs, you can lighten the workload for professionals in your office without sacrificing efficiency, accuracy and HIPPA compliance. See our areas of experience below.


Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA)


Our virtual medical assistants can serve as an extension of your practice.  We pride ourselves on contributing to the success of our clients by providing the following services:


  • Case management
  • New patient intake
  • Appointments
  • Procedure scheduling
  • Chart updates
  • Document processing
  • Imaging follow-up
  • Contact management
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Billing
  • HIPPA compliant
  • Bilingual reps

The Benefits of Virtual Medical Assistant Services

Medical assistants traditionally operate in a clinical setting with direct access to the medical professionals they serve.


Advances in technology now offers your medical practice the alternative of hiring virtual medical assistants, freeing you from much of the expense that comes with on boarding new employees.  Virtual professionals have the knowledge and skillsets that you would expect from an office assistant working within your location.  They serve the same role but with a relationship that is more convenient to your practice.


Why Hire ARC Pointe VMAs?

ARC Pointe  VMAs will streamline your office by handling your administrative duties.  Our  VMAs thoroughly trained and have the expertise to handle everything from billing and case management to chart updates on your behalf.  We improve the efficiency as well as the bottom-line of your practice.

Experience In:

  • Internal medicine
  • Specialist medicine
  • Laboratory medicine
  • Neurosurgery and spine surgery centers
  • Pain management practices
  • Neurology specialists
  • Family medicine
  • Specialist pharmacies