ARC Pointe enhances overall quality and ROI for our clients by incorporating value-added delivery features to support our contact center solutions. We ensure our practices go beyond your expectations, offering you a competitive advantage that provides you stability and transparent service intelligence allowing us to optimize service and allowing you to better understand your customers.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”
– Henry Ford

ARC Pointe nearshore call center solutions offer knowledgeable dedicated agents trained to effectively represent your company and culture.

Our outsourced customer support provide superior quality whether inbound call center services or outbound call centers focusing on telemarketing services.

Our virtual call center solutions provide reliable, experienced management and support of your account.

Our tried and tested delivery model has been shown to be effective in many industries and is especially valuable in the payday loan call center support arena, which is an industry that has flourished during these difficult economic times.

Whatever you’re in need of, we help you turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to maximize the lifetime value of that customer.

As a result we help build profitable, long-term relationships between you and your customer.

ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions provides a nurturing environment, allowing employees to offer their contributions and involvement in decision-making processes. An environment using solid processes and procedures, along with advanced technology, empowers out frontline management teams to provide the highest level of customer service and support to your clients. We provide extensive hiring and training processes to ensure the right people are employed that can excel.

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ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions utilizes an extensive training and development processes to ensure high standards and that the best quality is constantly achieved. The initial training program establishes a standard, and ongoing coaching and client-specific training to allows for increased autonomy, alignment, consistency and quality, we foster employees and provide them with the tools and support needed for success.

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ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions values building and maintaining strong client relationships through communication, collaboration, and by meeting commitments. Aligning strategies between our clients and ARC Pointe is an important step to collectively achieving high quality levels, which are maintained and optimized through continual collaboration. Updates and optimizing opportunities are handled in a timely manner, through the support of the Account Manager you build your partnership with.

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ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions invests considerable time and money in ensuring the highest level of quality for all clients’ customer interactions (voice, chat and email). Every interaction within our contact center is monitored, allowing our Quality Assurance Team to evaluate the quality of all agent communications and determine ways to optimize quality. The proactive monitoring approach taken also provides immediate feedback to agents on their performance, which facilitates a greater opportunity for change while a customer contact is still new.

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ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions provides timely and accurate performance analysis data related to your specific needs and operational goals. Through an in-depth assessment of your reporting needs in the initial stages of your account implementation, we will outline your key performance indicators and design a reporting solution that is right for you.

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Data collected in the contact center is extremely valuable to an organization, providing insight into product and service offerings, brand messaging, and overall customer satisfaction. By listening to your customers and utilizing this feedback to optimize your offering, your company can become a true market leader. ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions delivers actionable and measurable intelligence through our Customer Feedback Surveys, which allow our clients to gain valuable insight into our their customers view our service. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and data to create improved, long-term relationships with your customer base.

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