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ARC Pointe Call Center  provides timely and accurate performance analysis data related to your specific needs and operational goals. Through an in-depth assessment of your reporting needs in the initial stages of your account implementation, we will outline your key performance indicators and design a reporting solution that is right for you.

Metrics Monitored

We’ll provide specific statistics on your account for every individual call and the average of all calls organized in intervals throughout the day. End-of-day summary reports as is real-time up to the last interval summaries.


We track data elements such as:


  • Service Levels
  • Calls Offered and Calls Answered
  • Abandoned Percentage
  • Types of Abandons
  • Average Queue, Talk, Wrap and Handle Times
  • Total Queue, Talk, Wrap and Handle Times



The timeline for delivery of all reporting is based on pre-programmed intervals that suit the needs of each individual client. If at any time between report deliveries you wish to view the statistical success of your account, all reports are available through a secure portal.

Custom Reporting

We recognize that you may have specific needs that require a custom reporting solution and can design custom reports to meet the needs of our clients.

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