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Why Do You Need a Bilingual Call Center?


  • Spanish is the second most common language spoken in the United States after English
  • Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group in the United States
  • Spanish is the most widely taught non-English language in U.S. secondary schools and institutions of higher education


ARC Pointe is a leader in providing bilingual call center (English/Spanish) and multilingual contact and call centers for customer support and other outsourced services across, including voice, email and online chat.  When it comes to global call center outsourcing, we have the tools your organization needs to not only help your customers but also achieve your business goals.


Call Center Locations

With locations in the Dominican Republic, Panama and Nicaragua we can provide superior bilingual call center services to our clients.  We offer a highly trained bilingual workforce with agents who speak in accent-neutral American English and Latin-American Spanish. This helps you engage with your customers no matter where they live.


Call center outsourcing leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and allows your company to be more productive and efficient when it comes to customer service.


ARC Pointe’s bilingual call center services provide the capability to communicate in English and Spanish and will enable your business to experience opportunities in a range of markets and benefit from a higher customer acquisition rate.  Our bilingual call center agents will help your business tap the $1.2 trillion U.S.  Hispanic consumer market by building relationships through language and similar culture experiences.  You don’t need to be limited by the staff and space you have at your current location.  Global call center outsourcing enables your business to partner with a professional call center that empowers you to expand your offerings.


The ARC Pointe Difference is:

Agent Training & Certification – To enforce high quality standards, our multilingual customer care agents are critically assessed in the interview process on their reading, writing, speaking and translation skills in both English and the language of the queue they will be working in.



Our call centers and consistency of language being spoken ensures that we maintain accent-neutral queues in all languages in our multilingual call centers.


Language consistency

In our multilingual call centers, agents converse with callers in one language throughout the duration of their shift, increasing the quality of each call through consistency of communication.