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Virtual Call Center Solution

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Virtual Call Center Solution


ARC Pointe’s Virtual Call Center Solution  is a virtual employee-based model, built upon our many years of outsourced customer care experience with an extended recruiting footprint.


More competition, more messages in the marketplace, more reasons for customers to sell their loyalty to the highest bidder. ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions has found a way around that phenomenon – with customer support virtual contact center solutions that generate more meaningful dialogue between your company and your customers. You not only enjoy longer customer lifecycles, but more profitable interactions as well.


Your Business Has A Choice

The expensive path, weighted down with traditional issues such as a limited workforce to draw from, high overhead and attrition. ARC Pointe’s virtual model offers a self-motivated, virtual workforce that offers the best of both worlds.


Our virtual model complements our traditional brick-and-mortar contact center model. It’s a scalable, flexible, and highly secure customer service model that accommodates the changing work environment focusing on optimizing the customer experience and delivering stronger brand integrity for our clients and their customers.


We’ve discovered there is an incredible amount of excellent talented workers outside of a contact center. We’ve found it’s much easier to find agents with relevant experience, with backgrounds in many industries. Our agents offer a greater depth of skills to support your customers.  Because checks and balances are in place, we do the necessary work up front to find reliable, professional agents.


Reps / Agents

We employ geographically dispersed, specialized customer care agents who are handpicked and aligned to meet our clients’ specific needs.  ARC Pointe’s Virtual Call Center Services can help you enhance hiring decisions, build a scalable workforce, increase productivity, and improve training. We have the knowledge, experience, and techniques to take your business to the next level.  ARC Pointe’s award-winning certification sets us apart with learning modules, quizzes, videos, reading materials and live calls. Our tailored approach delivers fully-certified agents solely dedicated to keeping your customers happy and promoting your brand.


Each and every day is an opportunity to optimize your customer’s experience. We believe that no one should fly blind. That’s why we give you full visibility to supervise agent/customer interactions, reviewing real-time analytics, auditing calls and actively coaching agents for improved performance.


Our virtual call center services have shown that putting the right people in the right roles improved employee satisfaction and retention, resulting in optimized contacts and superior results for your business.


What are Virtual Call Center Solutions?

A virtual call center is a virtual environment staffed by remote workers who work from their homes or their own office space. While ARC Pointe does have brick-and-mortar call centers that function in the traditional manner, demand is growing for virtual call center solutions that are all of the following:




Eliminating the office space required for traditional call center solutions significantly cuts the cost of operating a call center.  It also allows you to take advantage of highly skilled workers who prefer to work from environments of their choosing.  They bring the communication skills and in-depth training that you need, and you receive an efficient and productive team that doesn’t overextend your budget.


Global Solutions at Your Fingertips

Technology is rapidly removing international boundaries in the business world.  Many companies now depend on customers and partners located in other countries to succeed.  If you want to connect with a global audience smoothly and affordably, our virtual call center solutions can make it happen.