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Virtual office assistant services are becoming more in demand as law firms and businesses in a variety of industries realize their convenience and many benefits. You may consider working with a virtual office assistant if any of the following statements apply to you:


  • Your staff members are stressed due to the amount of work they need to cover during work hours
  • Your staff members are currently handling tasks that you could easily outsource to a well-trained assistant who works remotely
  • You’re looking for ways to reduce overhead and improve profits for your business
  • You would like to operate your business with as little office space as possible
  • You know that technology is the answer to many of your business problems and are open to modern operational strategies


If you identify with even one of those statements, there’s a good chance that your business or law firm would benefit from working with a virtual assistant.


What is a VOA?

Virtual Office Assistants have the knowledge and skill sets that you would expect from an office assistant working within your location. Think about the support staff that you depend on to keep everything running smoothly in your office.  While they may not have the expertise of a lawyer or top-level executive, VOA is well-trained to handle a variety of backend tasks that are critical to the work of lawyers and professionals in virtually any field. They serve the same role as in-house support staff but with a relationship that is more convenient to your business.

That relationship is characterized by remote operations. You will have direct lines of contact with your virtual assistant even though they work outside of your office space. They may work in another location, but they will complete work in real-time to support you and your staff by your specific agreement.


Virtual Office Assistant Services – What’s Included?


The VOA Programs provide the following services:


  • Case management
  • New client intake
  • Appointments
  • Document processing
  • Imaging follow-up
  • Contact management
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Answering phones
  • Billing
  • HIPPA compliant
  • Bilingual reps


We do our best to accommodate the specific needs of every client. When your needs change, the tasks completed by your virtual office assistant may change as well. We’re here to ensure everything runs smoothly so that you suffer less stress while meeting the needs of your clients.


Benefits of Working with Virtual Office Assistant Professionals


ARC Pointe VOAs will streamline your office by handling your administrative duties. We’re your fast and easy connection to professional virtual assistants who have experience handling a variety of administrative duties. You can count on them to learn your unique expectations and guidelines while applying skills that they have polished through education and experience.


Our VOAs have the expertise to handle many different tasks on your behalf and will improve the bottom line of your business. Think of virtual assistant services as an opportunity to develop a strong back line that supports your business while helping you remain profitable.


Hire our best Virtual Office Assistant from:

Dominican Republic



Our Virtual Office Assistants are professionals who provide administrative support to businesses in various industries:


Financial Services
-Travel & Transportation


Get the admin help that your company needs without compromising on quality. Look no further than ARC Pointe Call Center virtual office assistant services for remote staff. ”