Are Virtual Office Assitants Right For Your Business Model

Whether you run a retail chain, a medical office or another type of business, you may have one or several customer service representatives or related professionals who answer your phones and assist customers with phone support in different ways.

For example, they may answer questions, assist with orders or set up appointments.

These professionals may spend most or all of their day on the phone, and it may cross your mind that they could complete their job in any location provided they have access to a phone and a computer ( Virtual Office Assistant)

While some companies will use the services of these support professionals based out of their office, others are considering the option to employ home agents or Virtual Office Assistant.

There are a few points to consider to determine if home-based service professionals are suitable for your business model.


The Job Duties of the Professional

In many companies, customer service support professionals answer phone calls throughout the day, and their physical presence in the office may not be needed.

In office environments with high call volume, this is especially true.

However, in some offices with slower call volume, the duties may also include providing support services to other professionals or assisting walk-in customers or clients with their needs.

When job duties cannot entirely be completed at home, a home-based option may not be ideal.

This may require you to hire other support staff for the office or to transfer duties to others who will continue to work in the facility.


The Oversight Required

While Virtual Office Assistant or Home Agents can be beneficial when you need to hire professionals but have limited space in your facility, not all job functions are suitable for a work-from-home situation.

Some individuals may require periodic or regular oversight or support.

They may regularly need to transfer calls to others inside the office, or they may need help using technology.

Some may not be trained to answer all of the questions, and they may need assistance from other agents.

It is easier to put a call on hold to get the help needed than to return phone calls.

If you feel that your agents are not able to work fully independently or if they are still in training, a home-based job may not be a suitable option.

If you are thinking about allowing virtual office assistant, you may be thinking about the cost savings and the space that will be freed up in the office by doing so.

There are true benefits that you and your employees can enjoy through this type of work situation, but it is not the best option for all customer support roles.

Take time to consider each of these points carefully before making a decision about whether home representatives are suitable for your business model.

Kattia Bolanos