Virtual Medical Assistants For Doctors In Hollywood

There are some interesting facts you should know about virtual medical assistants if you have a medical practice based in Hollywood, CA, and why they could make a difference for you. They do a lot of the same work that in-house medical assistants do, but that’s not all there is. There are three main facts you should know about virtual medical assistant services.

Many Have the Skillset to Take On Other Tasks

While the main tasks that virtual medical assistants for doctors will perform involve appointment scheduling and patient data, many are gifted with other skills. They may have a knowledge of marketing to manage your social media pages and perform various research tasks. Basically, you can count on many of them to wear more than one hat.

They Have Their Own Work Office Environment

Since most virtual assistants for medical practice are independent contractors, they already have the infrastructure for work already setup. They’ll usually have their own computer, high-speed internet and even a separate landline when needed. As such, you don’t need to worry about additional office space or equipment investments. And work hours are often easier for VMAs to maintain since they usually work from home and can get more done in a day.

Many Are Already Over 30

While precise data isn’t so readily available for VMAs , many publications indicate many of them are older than 30 and already in the middle of their career. Most are also female and have their own unique skills and experience that they bring to the job. In certain cases, a VMA may have additional medical skills such as nursing which can be of extra benefit to you.

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