When you put a customer service team in place, you do so because you want the people that come into contact with your business to have an exceptional experience. You know that outstanding customer service support is the only way to make your business stand apart from the competition. If you aren’t monitoring your help desk support, you are doing yourself a disservice. There are four ways to generate knowledge from customer care interactions:


Make sure that you are monitoring your customer support team. You can do this by listening to active phone calls and listening to recorded ones. Listen to discover whether your support personnel are speaking with your customers according to policy. Pay close attention to what your customers are saying about your product, your company, and your team. You can use both positive and negative information generated to improve your business.


There are a variety of ways that your customer support team can offer surveys to your customers. Surveys can be taken over the phone immediately after your customers interact with help desk support employees, sent through the mail to any customer, or posted on social media.

If you take the time to create a survey, be sure that you construct it in a way that will tell you what you want to know. Ask questions about your product and its effectiveness. Ask about interactions with your employees. Always ask how the customer believes your product or business can be improved.


Metrics, like call handling time, will tell you much of what you need to know. When service inquiries that are handled quickly should not raise alarm bells. If handling time averages longer than a few minutes, start paying attention to what is going on. It should not take your customer service support team more than five minutes, on average, to handle basic customer queries.

First Call Resolution

One of the most important things that you can research is first call resolution (FCR). When your customers receive a satisfactory resolution the first time they contact customer support, they are happier. If the average customer does not receive this type of service, find out why. You may need to change the way that your support staff is permitted to handle problems. You may need to retrain staff with regards to correct issue resolution. Listen to calls to learn why your FCR is higher than it should be.

When you put a customer support team into place, you must take the time to use it to your advantage. By monitoring your customer support team, you can learn about the potential issues with your company. When you know what is going wrong, you can fix it. When you know what is working correctly, you can give praise where it is due.