Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is not something bought, it is something earned.

In today’s technological society, it is easier than ever before for consumers to business hop.

If you are selling a product, you can rest assured that there are other businesses selling the same thing.

If you offer a service, there’s another company offering it, too. How do you keep your customers coming back for more?

Follow these Customer Loyalty tips:

1. Study the Competition

There’s no better way to discover what your customers are thinking than to put yourself in their shoes.

Spend a weekend shopping your competition. Pay closer attention to the experience than to the product.

Make note of what pleased you about your experience, and write down what you did not enjoy.

Use your notes as a way to improve the experience offered to your own customers.

2. Offer Payment Options

If you sell items online, allow customers to pay via PayPal.

If you sell expensive items, offer lines of credit. Consumers want choices; make sure your customers have them.

Though it will cost you money to accept credit cards, do it.

Allow customers to write checks if they desire.

The more options you give your customers, the easier you make it to shop in your establishment or purchase your services.

3. Be Pleasant

Customers will frequent a store where they feel welcomed.

Even if you offer products and services virtually, be friendly towards your customers.

Make notes about your regular customers so that you can personalize their next experience.

Greet each customer with a “hello” and a smile, even if it’s over the phone.

Thank each customer for their purchase.

The way that you treat a customer far outweighs the quality of the product that you sell.

If you outsource to a call center, make sure that each agent is treating your customers in the way that you demand.

4. Give the Unexpected

A key to landing customers and keeping them coming back for more is to give the unexpected.

What can your company do to surprise your customers? That is for you to decide.

Some great ideas are to offer referral discounts, make follow-up phone calls or to send reminders to purchase frequently-bought items.

If you want to keep your competitors from poaching your customers, you have to offer something that keeps your customers loyal.

5. Keep the Right Customers

Do not get so caught up in attracting new customers that you forget your old ones.

Even if your loyal customers only spend a few dollars at a time, they spend those few dollars over and over again. It’s a cliché, but many businesses fail because they can’t see the forest for the trees.

Know who your loyal customers are and treat them right. Your loyal customers will rave about your business, bringing in new customers without you having to spend a dime.

Keeping your customers loyal to your brand and business takes hard work.

Never stop looking for ways that your company can improve and retain its customers.

Concentrating on customer care is imperative if you want to keep your customers out of the hands of the competition.