Customer Service: Little Things. Big Difference


The experience that a customer receives from a company will extend well beyond the purchase.

It will relate to the ongoing experience the customer has with the products or services purchased.

More than that, there will be times when a customer needs to contact a call center for support and service, and the customer’s experience with the support staff will impact the impression they have of the company just as the sales experience will.

Business owners and managers understand the importance of excellent customer care during and after the sales process, and some may be looking for ways to improve the total customer experience.

This is actually easier to accomplish than it sounds, and small gestures made by the support staff during a phone call can make a world of difference.

Call the Customer By Name

Clients like to feel special, and they like to feel as though they have an established relationship with the company even if they are a first-time customer.

When customer support staff call the customer by name, they establish a relationship and build personal rapport.

This can go a long way toward giving the customer the feeling that they are seen as a valued customer by the company.

Ask If the Problem Was Addressed to Their Satisfaction

After serving the customer, the service staff should specifically ask if the problem or concern was properly addressed.

The customer should feel satisfied with the end result of the conversation. If not, the representative should attempt to further resolve the matter so that the customer is satisfied with the outcome.

Thank the Customer for Their Continued Business

Customers always have choices with regards to who they do business with, and if they do not feel as through their business is appreciated, they may be inclined to shop elsewhere in the future.

This is the final step in the excellent customer service process in most cases, so it can leave a lasting impression.

Thanking the customer personally by name is a preferred option over a simple thank you as it adds a personal touch to the entire experience.

Many customers will never call a call center for support, and the lasting impression about the company will be from the sales department.

However, many will reach out for support and assistance, and some will call the support staff numerous times over the months or years.

These may be small gestures, but they can go a long way toward satisfying customers.