Monitoring Your Call Center Agents

Monitoring Your Call Center Agents

If you are not monitoring the communications between your customers and your call center agents, you are not taking advantage of an excellent opportunity to learn what’s going on.

Customer service satisfaction can be measured in a number of ways, but none are as effective as call monitoring.

Old Methods of Determining Customer Satisfaction

In the past, the satisfaction of customers has been measured by follow-up surveys, focus groups, and written surveys.

None of these methods are timely or detailed enough to enable your agents to understand their impact on the customers or your company.

Consider the volume of calls that your agents take in a day.

When your agents are forced to wait weeks or months for feedback, individual calls are forgotten.

Call monitoring allows for immediate feedback, the ability to gauge agent effectiveness, and can reveal a lot about the overall satisfaction of your customers.

Direct Monitoring of Agents

When you choose to directly monitor your call center‘s agents, you are provided a wealth of information.

You are better able to improve customer experience and agent performance.

Agents immediately know what they are doing right, and you can determine how agents can be better trained with regards to handling calls according to company policy.

There are many benefits to monitoring your call center agents:

– Reduced callbacks
– The ability to refocus your training efforts
– Employee development opportunities
– Process improvement
– Improved call quality
– Higher first call resolution
– Reduction in turnover
– Heightened morale

When you choose to monitor your agents directly, you are emphasizing the customer experience.

If you consistently listen to and evaluate your agents, you are able to communicate your expectations and reward agents when those expectations are met or exceeded.

When your agents understand how to perform their duties at the desired level, customer support quality is consistent.

Monitoring as a Tool

Your agents should never feel as though call monitoring is a weapon.

Be sure that your agents are complimented, encouraged, and rewarded for jobs well done.

Provide regular and fair feedback to your agents.

When you utilize call monitoring as a basis for positive reinforcement, employee morale increases.

When your employees are happy in their positions, customer service satisfaction is increased.

Customer service agent monitoring in real time is one of the most effective tools that you have.

You will gain an understanding of what your customers expect from both your agents and your company.

You are immediately alerted to any issues with your service policies, and you are better able to implement changes that will lead to increased satisfaction on the part of your customers.

When your customers are happy with the service they receive, they are more likely to return to your company.

When your customers return time and again, you realize an increase in profits.

Call monitoring is simply the best way to improve your relationship with your customers.