Virtual Medical Assistant Services

Virtual Medical Assistant Services 

Why are virtual medical assistant services becoming more and more important? In the wake of COVID-19, many things became difficult for regular providers as many elective procedures were canceled.

Doctors in Los Angeles, CA have been no exception as the myopic focus on the pandemic has forced them and their clinics to hold tight to their cash reserves during this hard time.

With many operational hours reduced, doctors have had to find new alternatives to regular assistants and full-time employees managing their cases.

Virtual Medical Assistant Services are important, especially when the technology employed by them can greatly reduce administrative costs and allow you to focus more on your practice.



What can a VMA offer?

Everything that a regular in-house assistant can including taking your phone calls, arranging your schedules and charts, keeping your inpatient and outpatient information up to date, and in other cases, they may offer more technical services such as transferring files through remote networks, spreadsheets, or database creation and using billing software to handle invoices and insurance claims.

It’s important to choose a Virtual Medical Assistant provider that offers the highest grade security possible to ensure all sensitive information is prevented from being leaked or misused & is HIPPA compliant.

Remote VMAs are widely available, but it’s important to hire them from a firm that has a track record of vetting and bringing in highly qualified candidates.

Virtual Medical Assistant Services at ARC Pointe Call Centers

At ARC Pointe Call Centers, we do just that and strive to find you highly trained VMAs who have both the technical and people skills that fit the needs of your Los Angeles practice.

Instead of worrying about all the extra hiring costs, benefits, or having to deal with unemployment compensation, you can hire from us and pay for the service while staying focused on what matters to you.

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