Virtual Medical Assistants For Doctors In California


With COVID-19 being at the center of discussion and remote worker technologies also being at the forefront, virtual medical assistants in the California healthcare industry are becoming more and more prevalent.

The healthcare crisis has had many doctors and their clinics making changes both for health and economic reasons including limiting the amount of in-house staff.

Virtual Medical Assistants for Doctors in California

Virtual medical assistant services have been around for a few years like other virtual administrative assistant services, and instead of having these assistants in the office and having to worry about health concerns, benefits or adding to HR costs, they can work remotely as needed. 

Hiring from a reputable VMA firm can help ensure you are working with qualified office professionals. They should be able to manage billing and insurance documents, patient intake, appointments and care management procedures.

HIPAA compliance is also absolutely important and should be maintained to the utmost highest standards. These professionals can work around the clock and from any corner of the world so in case you need any help with after-hours tasks, they’re never more than a call or online instant message away.

ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions

Our company, ARC Pointe Call Center Solutions serves medical professionals all over North America, and we ensure that all data is kept as secure and confidential as possible during communications.

ARC Pointe Call Center brings together wide talent pools of certified virtual medical assistants for doctors in California and connect them with hospitals, clinics and private practices.

We carefully vet our recruits and utilize a top-notch quality assurance program to make sure the office assistant meets your exact needs.

Whenever you need access to reports or need to provide feedback about your VMA’s performance, you can get in contact with the account manager.

To find out more about our virtual assistant for medical practice services, call us at (702)772-4000, or visit our website and fill out the contact form at