Customer Service Golden Rules

No matter what type of industries or environment you work in, providing good customer service can make or break a business.

To be a successful business you need customers, and the only way to retain customers is to ensure that they are treated with the utmost respect and have a reason to give you repeat business.

Although at times it may be difficult to remain professional with the various attitudes and personalities that you may encounter, remembering that customers are the at the root of every business is a good way to make sure they receive your best effort.

Customer Service Golden Rules

If you find yourself struggling with how to provide the best customer care¬† support, simply remember this Golden Rule: do unto your customers as you want to be treated when you’re a customer.

It is a simple rule but one that can truly change the way you interact with customers.

Would you want to be placed on hold for 15 minutes before interacting with an actual human?

Would you want someone to be playing on their phone or carrying on side conversations instead of helping you?

Every time you encounter a bad example of customer service support, you should use that as a learning example – remember how you felt at that time, think about how you would have preferred to be treated, and make a mental note of how you yourself can act if ever in that situation.

A lot of times, simple customer related issues can be blown out of proportion by overthinking the situation.

At the basis of any issue that may arise with customers is a basic cause and effect situation: they have a problem, and they are looking to find to answers to the problem at hand.

If you can find them those answers, than you have done your job and they will ultimately be happy.

They may initially disagree with you or be unable to see things from your perspective, but by ensuring that you are on their side and are working with them to find a solutions, you will be gain their trust and work quickly towards a resolution.

Take a Deep Breath

If you find yourself getting flustered by an agitated customer or are stuck in a difficult customer service situation, take a moment to yourself and remember the three C’s: Calm, Cool and Collected.

Take a deep breath and truly realize the situation before jumping into any conclusions.

By remaining calm yourself, the patron you are working with will be more inclined to remain calm and you will be able to work together towards a solution.

Kattia Bolanos