If you have chosen to operate your own call center for your customer support or help desk, you’ve got to do it right.

You’ll do nothing but waste time and money (and customers) if you do not take the time to implement policies and procedures regarding recruiting, training, quality assurance, and disaster recovery.

These are important operational processes that must be considered in order to run your call center successfully.


In today’s economy, virtually everyone is looking for a job. That doesn’t mean that everyone is right for your call center.

You can recruit on social media, at job fairs and online. Recruiting isn’t the hard part; hiring the right people is.

If you want to hire the best employees for your company, take a look at the employees you already have.

You have long-term employees that are fantastic performers.

Start looking for new customer service employees with the same qualities as the great ones you already have.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to hand your new customer support employees a manual and stick them on the phone.

Training your new employees must be purposeful.

Determine which of your long-term, high-performing employees are interested in becoming trainers and give them the job.

Ask these employees to help you develop a training strategy for new hires.

Quality Assurance

You don’t know if your customers are happy if you never ask.

You don’t know if your employees are performing well if you never listen.

Implement a call-monitoring strategy to discover both how your employees are performing and what your customers are saying.

A quality assurance plan should not only be used to make improvements; it should be used to reward exceptional performance.

Your employees should never view your quality assurance methods as a punishment.

Disaster Recovery

We all know that there are natural disasters.

Take a moment to consider what you will do within your customer support call center should a disaster, natural or otherwise, occur.

You must have a plan in place that details how you will recover data and bounce back from a disaster.

There are professionals in the information technology field that make it their job to help people in your position devise these plans; utilize them.

There are reasons why some call centre are more successful than others, why some have high turn-over rates, and why others close their doors in a matter of months.

Once you decide that you will utilize a call center as the base of your customer service operations, you must implement policies and procedures that will help you run it expertly.

When you do this, you will count yourself among the successes.

Kattia Bolanos