I’ve worked in the call center and customer service industries for a long time, and throughout my career have attended more than my share of conferences.

Over the years, I’ve noticed something striking: every once in a while, a conference speaker is utterly unforgettable.

He or she is so compelling and so articulate that the entire audience becomes spellbound.

Such a speaker’s ideas have the power to transform an entire company.

Below is a list of five of today’s best customer service speakers. Each is an engaging storyteller, a strong leader, and a consummate professional.

I’d like to take a moment to pay tribute to each of them.


1. Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is a bestselling author and a lifetime achievement honoree at the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame.

He specializes in the ways in which businesses can build long-term relationships with customers, and he always customizes his presentations.

Indeed, Hyken avoids generalities; instead, he offers concrete action steps that attendees can begin to employ as soon as his speech has concluded.
Hyken truly relishes sharing his wisdom.

For that reason, he speaks to companies of all sizes. Sometimes he’ll visit major corporations like American Express and AT&T, but he’d be just as happy delivering a talk to a company with only a few dozen employees.

Hyken is also famous for the entertainment value of his addresses. He incorporates comedy and even magic tricks in his work, and he always comports himself with infectious enthusiasm. http://www.hyken.com


2. Kate Nasser

Kate Nasser is a business founder, a mathematician, and an expert in psychology; she even taught high school students at one time.

Nowadays, she’s a corporate coach and consultant in addition to being a sought-after speaker. Whatever professional role she’s taken on, she’s been aided by her talent for connecting with others.

Nasser is consistently funny, wise, and relatable as she discusses techniques for improving services and boosting the camaraderie within a company.

After listening to one of her speeches or completing one of her workshops, people usually have a keen sense of how to adjust their people skills so as to offer top-notch assistance to all of their clients. 


3. Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman is an educator, a Bloomberg BusinessWeek columnist, the author of more than a dozen successful books, and a dynamic orator.

A graduate of Brown University, Kaufman uses his keynote addresses to teach businesspeople and college students proven methods of creating a sustainable service-oriented culture within an organization.

Once such a culture is in place, every employee will be dedicated to providing every customer with the best possible guidance. Among Kaufman’s many notable clients are Citibank, Microsoft, Federal Express, and Xerox.


4. Toni Newman

Toni Newman has had a truly diverse career. In fact, she might be the only person alive who’s written books, served as an advertising executive, practiced family law, and performed as a nightclub singer.

She also has extensive service experience in that she’s worked at Club Med resorts in more than 15 nations.

This unique set of experiences has forged a unique speaker. Newman, who’s fluent in French, helps companies innovate, attract new customers, and maintain the loyalty of past clients and she delivers her bold, refreshing ideas with passion and authenticity.

Unusual among corporate speakers, Newman has the ability to tell poignant stories that bring audience members to tears. At other moments, she can convulse crowds with laughter.


5. Micah Solomon

Seattle resident Micah Solomon has made countless appearances on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and in the pages of periodicals like Forbes and the Washington Post.

He’s extensively studied marketing and manufacturing, and he’s an entrepreneur who now focuses his talents on helping businesses improve their services. He presents his information in the form of hour-long speeches and half-day workshops.

As a lecturer, Micah’s top-notch; he’s vigorous and precise, and he’s bursting with original concepts that your team can immediately put into practice. In short, he’s inspiring.


The speakers above have very different backgrounds and presentation styles, but their commonalities are substantial. They are all charismatic storytellers, strong leaders, and consummate professionals.

Their talks are the products of decades of research and experience. Regardless of your field, if you provide a service to consumers or businesses, it’s likely that you could reach new levels of success simply by heeding their advice.

Al Cuccinelli
President and CEO