Customer service is certainly about making sure your customer’s needs and concerns are properly addressed.

When customers are heard and their needs are responded to in a satisfactory and expedited manner, you can certainly improve the overall customer experience and boost satisfaction ratings.

While this may be the main focus of your customer service support team, another important service the team provides relates to gathering customer feedback from your customers in different ways.

What Customer Feedback Can Tell You

When your customers contact your call center for assistance, they may complain about a confusing instruction manual for a product, a specific part on the product that does not work, feeling misled during the sales process about what the product could actually do and more.

These are all issues that your customer service support team can remedy after the sales transaction has been completed, and when the support team is effective in what they do, they will improve the customer experience and boost satisfaction through their efforts.

However, the nature of the calls can also be recorded so that your business can improve operations. After all, it is better to provide customers with an overall great experience than to attempt to correct an issue post-sale.

Different Ways to Gather Feedback

Your customer service team can play a critical role in gathering feedback for your company, and there are several methods that can be used.

For example, the team can ask callers to participate in a short survey about their experience.

They can also contact customers directly with survey questions rather than wait for the customers to contact them.

Another option is to ask the support team to log calls so that trends can be identified. While there are several methods available for collecting data, you may find that one option is most cost-effective and convenient for you to implement.


Feedback is vital to your ability to better serve your customers, to refine your products and to streamline operations.

If your call center is not current taking advantage of the fabulous opportunity to request and track customer feedback for you, you may consider working with a different service team.

Outsourcing your operations may provide you with a turnkey way to improve your service in this area and in many other areas.

This is because an outsourced support center has thoroughly trained agents and advanced telecommunications solutions available for immediate implementation. With the superior level of service and streamlined management efforts required on your part, there are clear benefits associated with using an outsourced center. You can inquire about the different types of services available today to learn more about how you can improve your service experience for your valued customers through outsourcing.